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        Broomberg Cleaning Services is a reliable team of highly trained professionals. Delivering services customized to meet the specific needs and budget requirements. Each and every customer is important to us. Every request is handled promptly and professionally. Because we do value our client relationships above all. Company earns our customer’s trust by delivering on our promises. Therefore our managers are communicating in a timely and transparent manner

         Constantly striving for excellence Broomberg Cleaning Services  offers a wide range of cleaning services for your building. Cleaning services provide a high level of service to all our customers. All our janitors and cleaners are trained and certified. They use the only best equipment and safe chemicals. Supervisors are making sure they do. At Broomberg all our workers are self-motivated. That is why all the work is done efficiently and effectively

       Our supervisors are pro-active rather than re-active. They will evaluate your needs and work with you. Making corrections to the scope of work or schedule is not a big deal to us. Without any doubt, our custom-tailored approach will ensure your workplace is always up to your expectations


      Our cleaning company delivers professional janitorial and commercial cleaning services to all types of offices and office buildings

Types Of Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services We Offer:

– Small to Large Offices & Office Buildings cleaning services
– Industrial facilities cleaning services,  Warehouses & Factories
– Retail facilities cleaning services
– Condo building cleaning services, Condominium’s shared public areas
– Educational facilities cleaning services, Universities, Colleges, and School
– Medical cleaning services, walking clinics, dentists, optometrists
– Post-construction cleaning services, subdivisions, condominiums
– Bank cleaning services, banks, credit unions, money marts, insurance brokers
– Car Dealerships cleaning services, auto body repair facilities

Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly janitorial and commercial cleaning services include:

Sweeping and Mopping Floors
Dusting & Dirt Removal
Emptying Trash/Recycling Bins
Clean and sanitize facilities
Office Sanitation
Window Washing
Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Finishing
Carpet Cleaning (including deep cleaning if needed)
Stripping and waxing of Vinyl flooring
Green Supplies (toilet paper, garbage bags, hand towels, soap, etc.)


Varied work schedule & competitive rates

First of all, we understand that your company may have a unique, varied work schedule.
For this reason, we offer before- and after-hours cleaning which you can schedule in advance, alter depending on your office’s needs.
All of the above features allow our company to provide customers with a superior quality of service, all the while offering competitive rates.
Based on our principles, we work with our customers to create reliable, realistic budgeting plans which are adjustable for your price range.
The service prices vary from place to place based on square footage and scheduling period, as well as the type of jobs required for us to complete cleaning your commercial space.
We provide all clients with a free estimate and the possibility for a 5% undercut over your current cleaning company

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

At Broomberg Cleaning, we think a cleaner environment is just as important as a cleaner workplace.
That is why we are committed to providing an Eco-Friendly Services with
Green Seal cleaning products that are healthy for the environment.
Managers and employees expect a clean facility free of dust, viruses, and bacteria.
So, we strive to pioneer new methods which offer effective cleaning with minimal negative impact by offering a full array of green cleaning services for offices and commercial areas

Special features of post-construction cleaning services

The Broomberg provides general and detailed cleaning services after construction

Typical general post-construction clean-up duties include:

Sweep storage spaces
Clean interior windows
Remove paint & glue
Clean window tracks and remove residue
Clean window sill and frames
Clean bathtubs & shower stalls
Sinks and toilets
Wipe down cabinets and drawers
Clean doors and frames
Remove dust from baseboards, sweep floors

Detailed duties includes all typical general post-construction duties plus:

Clean vanities & mirrors
Remove labels from fixtures if requested
Cabinets cleaned inside & out
Clean drawers, closets & counter tops
Dust all fire places
Clean light fixtures and switches
Clean and treat exterior of appliances
Sweep & mop floors
Vacuum & sweep garage
Sweep patios and porches

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– Office cleaning
– Industrial cleaning
– Retail facilities cleaning
– Condo building cleaning
– Educational facilities cleaning
– Medical practice cleaning
– Post-construction cleaning
– Financial institutions cleaning
– Car Dealerships cleaning

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